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Forged for Exploration

At Stanton, we meticulously engineer, fabricate, and refine off-road bike frames that echo the natural beauty of our surroundings, inviting riders to embrace adventure, joy, and personal growth. When you invest in a Stanton, you become part of a global community of enthusiasts who have explored diverse landscapes and recognized the transformative power of the journey. Whether you're looking to improve your skills outdoors, gain speed, enhance confidence, or nurture your creativity, a Stanton bike is your ideal partner for the trail ahead.

Refined Geometry

Every one of our frames is designed and developed personally by Dan Stanton. His approach to geometry and engineering creates the signature dynamic character that gives a Stanton its uniquely rewarding ride feel.

Fabricators of Quality

All prototyping and manufacture is done either here at our Derbyshire, UK factory or by our specialist partners in England or Asia. We use steel and titanium (and a little carbon fibre), custom-drawn to Dan's specifications, because they are the optimum materials to achieve the balance between stiffness and suppleness we require.

Hand-crafted, hand-finished

Every single one of our frames, regardless of whether it was fabricated in the UK or Asia, is prepped and painted by us, by hand, here at our Derbyshire factory. It's why we can offer a bespoke service that makes our bikes stand out from the crowd.

Made for life

Our frames are made to last and made for life, wherever life may take you. We're very happy to offer a lifetime warranty and crash-replacement scheme because it's very rare they are actually needed!

Steel or TI?

Not all tubing is created equal. The steel and titanium we use feature custom wall thicknesses to achieve the ideal balance of suppleness and stiffness that impart a Stanton with its highly-regarded (and often coveted) dynamic ride experience.

Our 4130 steel tubing is uniquely profiled to match as closely as possible the feel of the Reynolds versions - very few people actually feel any difference. The aerospace-grade titanium takes everything to another level. Its lower density, superior durability, strength and compliance produce a ride feel like no other.

When matched with Dan's approach to geometry and obsession with reducing lateral flex it produces a pedalling efficiency that simply makes you smile with every pedal stroke.