Switchpath Ti


Gravel, Groad, Grountain Bike..? The Switchpath Ti is quite possibly our most versatile bike to date. Capable of crossing continents, pulling turns at the front of the group ride, or smashing down rocky singletrack. It’s ‘build-it-how-you-want-it’ Stanton goodness right here…

Go for a superlight dream build with carbon everything and skinny tyres, or stick on a dropper post and some chunky 650b wheels, this is a bike that will put a smile on your face with every pedal stroke.


We’ve gone for a 70º head angle, 74º seat post angle, room for 700X47 or 650/2.1 tyres, and modest reach and standover figures. Keeping things fun and flickable when you want it, but steady and predictable at the same time, so you can still go further and faster, but ‘funner’ too! Let’s face it, in the 90s you’d have been downhill on these measurements!

​We haven’t just fussed over the geo numbers though. We’ve selected the right materials in the right places so you won’t find any unwanted flexibility in the triple-butted, aerospace-grade Titanium frame. Put together by the finest fabricators we’ve ever found with welds that are as strong as they are satisfying to look at.


​Light and stiff enough to keep up with carbon road bikes, but durable and tough enough to take a lifetime of grit, grime, and rubbing bikepacking luggage. We believe there is no better material for a bike in this category.

You can pair it with our super lightweight carbon fork, or our seriously special unique to Stanton, titanium one. We like to see it as an example of how we don’t just follow the herd but look for interesting, innovative, and engineering-led answers. The fact those answers also look insanely badass is what we’re all about too.


All our frames are hand-finished at our Derbyshire HQ so you can choose the final look with blasted, Cerakote or anodized decals. Adding some unique beauty to titanium’s famed hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant properties.

​With the Switchpath we’ve stuck to our principles and created something that fits with our gravity-inspired, playful philosophy – we like some grins with our grrr.

As usual, we’ve gone our own way. With the Switchpath you go yours.

VIDEO – The Switchpath Ti Launch Video

VIDEO – Switchpath Ti Dream Build


Triple butted, lightweight and robust 3AL 2.5V titanium frame

​Internal stealth cable routing 

​Dropper post compatible with 31.6mm seatpost diameter 

​Custom swappable dropouts 

​I.S. brake calliper mount with flat mount adapter for greater versatility 

​Fits 700X47mm or 27.5X2.1" tyres

​Lightweight carbon or unique Titanium fork options

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