Slackline Ti

In the Slackline we’ve created a comfortable, springy, all day frame that’s happy riding large loops at trail centres, slaying berm after berm and flowing the trail like you’re on rails.


“Every now and then something special comes along” – that’s how the Dirt Mag review for the original Slackline began in 2012. Now in its third generation and bang up to date the Slackline Ti retains its reputation for having Goldilocks geometry. Not too slack, not too steep; not too long, not too short – but just right for every ride.

The Slackline Ti is our all day trail slayer – the rider’s ride.

The choice of customers who’ve been there, ridden that, and know what they want.

So what do they want? Well the liveliness and control that comes from 27.5 wheels for start. Unswayed by the big-wheel hype Slackline riders know they can rely on it to put a smile in every mile. From tidy trail centres to the rough stuff in your local woods, the Slackline will have you skipping through the lot. And as you know, fun is fast. There’s no getting dropped by your mates on bigger wheels or full sus’s.

The confidence and control will have you pushing harder than ever, but this thing is so nimble and direct it’ll get you out of trouble as quick as you got there.

Why Ti?

The triple-butted, aerospace-grade Titanium we use takes the legendary feel of the Slackline to another dimension. There’s a lot going in that tubing with differing wall thicknesses that allow elasticity where you want it and stiffness where it needs to be. We believe Titanium is the best material to make a hardtail from because its unique properties mean you can experiment with it. You don’t have to sacrifice weight, strength or compliance in the way you do with carbon, alloy or steel.

Our detailed thinking is matched by detailed execution – welds to die for and proper touches like the removable caps to make internal cable routing a pleasure not a chore.

Yes, all this comes at a price but you’re left with an uncompromised frame that will literally last you a lifetime, is less likely to dent and polishes up a treat. You can also choose from a range of beautiful hand-applied finishes to make it that bit more special – blasted, anodised or ceramic cerakote decals.

The Gen3 features refreshed geometry that includes a meticulously worked out rear triangle with a length of 227mm to provide both stability and pop.

We can get that rear wheel in because of the bespoke CNC’d yoke on the drive side chainstay. This burly little number also adds the lateral stiffness that means every push on the pedals is rewarded with sweet acceleration. No more so than on a climb where this bike excels and scampers up the techiest test. The yoke has been completely redesigned for Gen3 to allow room for the big tyres we’re all starting to feel the love for. It’ll accommodate high volume 2.4” on regular rims or 2.8” tyres on super-wide 27.5 Plus hoops. The Slackline Ti is also optimised for a 120mm – 140mm fork (our geometry figures include 25% sag) so you can really adapt the style of bike you want to create.

“A great all-rounder that’s not afraid to mix it with burlier builds through the tech” – Bike Radar

The ‘do-it-all hardtail’ thing has become a real cliché since the original Slackline helped create the category in the first place. We’re more into the idea of ‘do-what-you-like’ and this is the bike that lets you. There’s a simplicity and authenticity to what the Slackline Ti delivers, a pure joy of riding that’s appreciated by purist riders and those who just want to get the most from every ride – so that’s everyone then.

Trends will come and go but there always be room for a bike like the Slackline Ti. Maybe it’s time to make room for one in your life.


L-2.5V titanium 44mm head tube, gusseted down tube and our super-sweet alloy head badge.

​31.6 fully stealth routed dropper-compatible seat tube (34.9 clamp) feeds round the BB and into the down tube.

​Triple-butted 3AL-2.5V aerospace-grade titanium tubing with custom seat tube.

Takes full-length gear outer for consistent, weather-proof shifting.

Short chainstays made from 3AL-2.5V aerospace-grade titanium tubing.

​Custom CNC’d Swapout dropouts (12 x 142 or 12 x 148). Comes supplied with boost as standard unless you specify different dropouts with your order.

​Custom designed CNC’d Yoke fits 27.5″ wheel 2.5 tyres and 650B+ wheel and 2.8″ tyres!

​Recommend fork travel: 120mm - 140mm

Slackline Ti frame-only prices:

  • 3AL-2.5V titanium with blasted decals - £1999
  • Cerakote Heritage Wrap decals + £100
  • Anodised decals + £100

Slackline Ti frames in stock now

Here are the fully finished frames we currently have in stock. These products are literally boxed up and ready to ship anywhere in the world within 2 weeks from your order. Our stock is selling through quickly so if you don't see the finish that you'd like then just get in touch via email and tell us what you're looking for. We have plenty of raw frames in stock waiting to be painted just the way you want it!

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