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All Frames are UK painted, right at Stanton HQ

Your frame is made to a 148mm boost hub spacing as standard. We have custom designed swap outs so you can run 12×142, 9x135QR or Single speed drop outs. Please specify your requirements in the order notes otherwise it will ship 12x148mm Boost as standard.

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Comes with
* Axle
* Drop Outs
* Seat Clamp

*Specify Boost or alternative Drop outs required on order notes!

The Sherpa frame is a serious mile-muncher, great for all day and weekend epics, while having geometry calculated to win races. This frame will have you attacking the trail as it has the manoeuvrability and playful nature you’ve come to expect and love from Stanton frames.


The Sherpa 853 Next Gen UK is the answer you your requests! The original design ethos of the Sherpa was to create a comfortable, springy, all day frame thats happy riding monstrously large loops in the Peak District, yet when you’re tired and flagging and situations get steep and technical the frame has the geometry to inspire confidence and help you ride it out.

The Next Gen UK version is a development of this platform, taking in to consideration the requests of customers and the markets advances. Designed around the 29” wheel and the 27.5+” wheel platform, the Sherpa 853 Next Gen UK has our custom designed drive-side Yoke that creates space in the chain stays to accommodate large volume, deep tread 2.4” tyres on 29” wheels or full 3” Plus tyres on super wide plus 27.5” rims, while not effecting the short 435mm chain stay length as we refuse to compromise our class leading geometries!

The Sherpa frame is a serious mile-muncher, great for all day and weekend epics, while having geometry calculated to win races. However when things get steep and tec don’t underestimate this frame. With its 435mm chainstays and 68 degree head angle when 25% in the sag of a 120mm fork, this frame will have you attacking the trail as it has the manoeuvrability and playful nature you’ve come to expect and love from Stanton frames.

We chose Reynolds 853 tubing for this frame, including the new Reynolds 853 DZB triple-butted down tube and top tube. The frame also features a Reynolds 631 44mm head tube, while the seat and chainstays are Reynolds 525. The 853 tubing was selected for its unbelievable strength to weight ratio and super trail-smoothing abilities.

The tubing’s internal and external diameters are carefully selected to provide flex and stiffness in the frame where needed. The result? A frame that’s lightweight and comfortable for all-day rides but that has the strength and directness you want for technical riding and inch-perfect cornering.

Sherpa 853 Next Gen Features

1. Reynolds 853 44mm head tube with custom CNC’d logo top tube brace, gusseted down tube and our super-sweet alloy head badge.

2. 30.9 fully stealth routed dropper-compatible seat tube (34.9 clamp and front mech) feeds round the BB and into the down tube.

3. Triple-butted Reynolds 853 DZB seamless, air-hardened and heat-treated down tube and top tube, and custom swaged and butted Reynolds 853 seamless, air-hardened heat-treated seat tube. Takes full-length gear outer for consistent, weather-proof shifting.

4. Short, tapered chainstays (435mm) made from cold-worked Reynolds 525.

5. Swopouts for single speed, 12×142, 12×148 Boost, Single Speed or standard QR .

6. New custom drive side yoke creates spacing to fit 2.4″ 29er or full 3″ 27.5″+ tyres.

The guide is a basic structure to how we feel the frames should fit. However, sizing a bike is a very personal thing and many factors should be taken into consideration. For instance, if you’re around 5’10″ and you’re used to larger bikes, the 19″ might suit you better than the 17″.

If you’re a bit taller, around 6′2″, with a riding style that’s nimble, playful and aggressive, and you’re looking to do no more than short trail-centre loops or smash DH runs in the woods, the 19″ should suit you better than the 21″.


Sherpa Geometry

1. Stack (mm)591610628
2. Reach (mm)422438449
3. Virtual Top Tube (mm)600622.5640
4. Actual Top Tube (mm)572592610
5. Seat Tube Length (mm)430482533
6. Chainstay Length (mm)435435435
7. Wheelbase (mm)111911431162
8. Bottom Bracket Drop (mm)505050
9. Head Tube Length (mm) 100120140
10. Head Tube Angle67.5˚67.5˚67.5˚
11. Seat tube Angle72˚72˚72˚
12. Axle to crown height used for above measurements (mm)500500500

A great edit showing exactly what the Sherpa is all about! Gritting in on big, gruelling XC climbs, all for the love of smashing the run back down.

Featured rider: Luke ‘Limbo’ Limbrick
Frame: Stanton Sherpa 853 Location:
Snowdon, Wales (the Ranger Path)

7 reviews for Sherpa 853 Next Gen UK

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Martin Dunn

    Built a Sherpa using parts from an XC orientated machine (100mm Reba forks, ZTR Crest wheels and 1x XT drivetrain) and went off for a jaunt around my usual trails.

    Normally I’d push the bike to the point where it’s was starting a to feel a little sketchy and a visit to the undergrowth was imminent.
    However, the Sherpa just lapped it up. I’d wondered why I was getting tired, but I was pushing just as hard yet the bike wasn’t fighting back. If anything was holding me back, it was me I need to learn to trust the bike. it’s pace downhill really is remarkable, so playful and maneuverable for a 29er.

    Consider me a happy customer!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Really well made quality bike , remarkably capable and super stable and really does have a comfort but yet direct stiffness were needed , thumbs up !!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ryan dean

    Hi Dan, thanks for the reply.. I had the idea of the shallow lower cup to keep geometry nice as I’ve fitted a 130mm pike to my Sherpa.. but to be honest it’s such a tool! Climbs superb and descends with loads of grip and fun handling (50mm stem and a luftkappe in the forks 20% sag) so the headset can stay as is.. best hardtail I’ve owed.. (piglet, blue pig, soul, bfe, inbred, 456 and a dialed Prince Albert) has tempted me to use it in the welsh gravity Enduro’s instead of my mega 290 haha
    Ryan Dean surrey

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Did heaps of research before choosing this frame after damaging my 2016 Niner Sir 9 frame. I built it with the parts from the Niner; 1x XT drivetrain, XT brakes, 29″ wheels and Kashima Fox Factory forks (100mm). I’m 5’10” (178cm) and 19″ frame fit is good.

    I liked my Niner, but the Sherpa with it’s slacker head angle and shorter chain stays make such a difference to the handling. It feels so much more planted and stable in flowing corners and over rough rocky downhills that I have ridden regularly that I’m riding more smoothly, confidently and faster.

    Concealed dropper cabling is neat and with the dropper fitted (I haven’t had one before) fast downhill turns are leaving me with a massive grin on my face. It feels super balanced in the air over small trail jumps and I find myself looking for things to jump.

    The Green is lovely, the welds and finish are immaculate drawing plenty of admiration from my riding mates.

    Shipping to Australia was quick, Dan was great on email answering questions. That’s right the guy who runs the company and designs the frames still takes time to answer email enquiries. That says something about his commitment.

    I couldn’t be happier, Thanks Dan and the team at Stanton!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jebb Wagonmaster

    Got my Sherpa 6 months ago and I’ve yet to find anything over the local it can’t handle, I’ve got a Transition Patrol but my Sherpa is my go to bike now.
    It got a full XT group setup 1x
    Hope 29er enduro wheel set
    schwalbe magic mary up front and a nobby nic on the rear
    And a set of 120mm pikes 51 offset
    It climbs like a mule and descends like monster.
    To put it simply it’s a mile munching fun toy super responsive and playful and it hits corners at warp factor 10.
    you wouldn’t think you were on a 29er until your climbing..

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    My new favorite frame, hands down this one is a keeper. Built with a 130mm Fox Factory 34 and 150mm Transfer dropper, and full XT M8000 1×11, 780mm wide bars, 29×2.4 on Kings. I’m 6’1, 210lbs, 32″ inseam, I picked a large and the fit is spot on. I’ve always loved hardtails, and Stanton has absolutely nailed what a modern hardtail trail bike design is capable of. Virtually all the trails in Colorado are long climbs and long descents. It climbs 95% as well as my previous carbon hardtail, but does everything else 200% better while being substantially more playful. Climbing is excellent, cornering is exceptional, descending is exceptional, tackling technical terrain is exceptional, rear wheel tracking/feel/placement is exceptional, and it even does a great job at muting rough trail chatter. I’m finding myself bunnyhopping, jumping, manualling, and whipping more than ever on the typical weekend trail ride. Somehow the Sherpa feeds me more energy, because my rides keep getting longer… Or is it that I just don’t want them to end? Great all day frame that feels comfortable and responsive on everything I can throw at it. I’m in love. Thank you Stanton, you guys set the bar high!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    I took the Sherpa to Iwatake. This is the mountain that the first MTB race in Japan took place on, so it is kind of hallowed ground here. Also a few years back, the SSWC was held on this mountain. It was my first time racing SS in a race that big, so it holds a spot in my heart too.

    Iwatake has 2 downhill courses.

    One is a flow trail. You can get from the top gondola to the snow basin with roughly 10 pedal strokes to get you started. Even with the big tires, I was able to finesse the bike down without another pedal stroke (just to see if I can) and other times I just went for it as best I could. On this course, the Sherpa was faster than my Intense Tracer. The only issue I had was finding a tire pressure that works well for the entire mountain. Run too high and the front will slide out. Too low and the bike wallows… I am still after a year unsure the perfect balance.

    The other course they call Kamikaze. It is not. It is a fun downhill run that anyone would be stoked to have local, however if you have to travel to it, it will leave a little to be desired. There are a couple wall rides, a couple drops (but nothing above intermediate), some high speed sections and a little techie in bits. But couple that with the other trail, some great local foods and beers, it is a great weekend. The Sherpa did well on this course too. The main issue was the high speed section. There are some water bumps and other things. At 30+ mph, the Tracer is point and do, the Sherpa just beat me to death. Vibration wise, my vision would get blurry and subsequently my confidence would drop.

    I have ridden a switchback at another park (Fujiten). It was a fun ride, but with my XC background, the Sherpa is every bit as capable in my hands. I am sure the switchback excels in spots, but from a confidence standpoint, I really do enjoy the Sherpa a bit.

    I typically go to three parks here in Japan. Of the three, I am confident the Sherpa in my hands can run every bit of 2 of them. The third is where I would be concerned. I think I would survive the third, but I am not certain it would be fun. 1/3 of the park I know I could ride, but the amount of drops and the frequency of drops, the roots, rocks, etc… It might be more than my mid-forties body wants to handle on a hardtail.

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