Darran and Ed Go Large (New Edit)


You might be familiar with the UK’s resident hardtail hooner, Darren Evans.. but partner him with Ed Palmer (aka Grandma Bryceland from Slice of British Pie) and you’ve got a great combination of wilderness antics, hardtail hauling and as it turns out, fishing abilities. We packed our bags, threw the bikes in the van and headed to the Brecon Beacons in South Wales and onto the Forest of Dean district afterward for a bit of an adventure.


Darren and Ed, soggy but grinning after hauling down one of the biggest mountains in Wales in typical British rainfall, but still with dust on the ground. Also featuring Gordon the trail dog.

X-upping to flat, with no shirt on, with a tub of rhubarb yoghurt in his bottle cage. That’s Darren Evans for you. Catch him at EWS rounds soon.

Campfire chills under the cover of some dense woods, and keeping the inferno fed to ward off swarms of midgies.

Darren dropped into a savage rocky gully leading into an incredible cave and mining network… shirtless.

How many trails do you know that drop into a cave?

Darren, lit by Ed, heading into the caves and hunting for subterranean rock gardens. Rear suspension? Nah.

Big thanks to Ed, Darren and Gordon, along with Stanton Bikes for making this adventure happen.

Video/Photo/Words – Caldwell Visuals

Stanton Owners Group Ride

Last weekend was our first Stanton Bikes Group ride and meet up. We had a great turn-out and ended up splitting off into 3 groups. One group was full of pinners that went off and did a 30 mile route off piste, another group went off to find some stuff to ‘Roost n Boost’ in the woods and the remaining guys went off to try bikes round the trail centre loop, swapping bikes and peddles about with plenty of chatter and tea breaks.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came, it was a pleasure to finally put faces to Stanton Owners Group FaceBook names.

It was also great to see such a plethora of Stanton’s and it was great to see the none Stanton riders too!

The next one will be from our Unit (Stanton HQ) on the 29th and 30th of July, Stanton owners and none Stanton owners welcome!!

Introducing the Hardtail Hooner, Darren Evans


Darren is never usually pointing the right way, but it’s definitely controlled mayhem. Here he gets a slide on whilst ripping through the sunlit moss. 


The Stanton Switchback basking in the evening sun. It definitely takes a beating in the hands of Darren so will take whatever you can throw at it. 


Darren likes the simple life. A hardtail (he doesn’t own a bike with rear suspension) and a static caravan and his needs are fulfilled. 


The switchback has been all over the world with Mr. Evans, and it’s certainly treasured. Here it is pictured in New Zealand, pinned next to his wood burner.