The tale of the Sherpa vid

The tale of the Sherpa vid


Making a Chimpy

The plan had been (for a while) to shoot the most epic video we possibly could for the release of the new Stanton Sherpa, showing it's skills in the environment it was built for! So we set about finding said location. Scotland was an obvious choice as we really wanted some snowcapped mountains and we briefly considered the nearby peak district, but finally settled somewhere in the middle (not geographically) on Mount Snowdon and began looking for places to stay as we knew this wasn't one of our one day projects. It was late at night on March 2nd that Dan called and confirmed that we had a rad little cottage to stay at and hit me up with the dates. March 9th rolled round and all the kit was packed in to the van along with my freerunning pal Matt Hart who is very handy with a camera and could significantly aid the video making process! We arrived late at night and made our way into the awesome little cottage Dan had booked and awaited limbo's arrival. We sat wondering when he would rock up and thought "what if he goes past? He won't know we're here and we won't know he's past....and we have no signal" we did know when he arrived though....he bought the demonic Evo with him and we heard it from miles away! We got a good nights kip and set off to conquer snowdon and get some footage canned...or so we thought. It hit 2 O'Clock on the first day and we were exhausted carrying 3 cameras,a tripod,glidecam, 5 lenses and 4 bikes was pretty hard work. It felt like the summit of Snowdon was 10 miles away (it was). We'd taken the wrong path and were super far off course, still got some rad shots and the decent was epic a we gunned it down a 2 mile slate and shale path, I only wish we weren't carrying equipment. We went back to the cottage, got some food and planned the next day. As it hit 10pm we got the fire roaring to get the intro shots and once I was happy we headed to bed to get some good shut eye ready for the next day.

The day began with a fry up from Mr Stanton himself and we all felt fuelled and ready to tackle a mountain. We drove the bikes the short distance to the beginning of The Rangers Path got a few shots there and then began the long slug to the top. It was hard, not "oh this is hard" legitimately hard! We're all fit blokes, I ran a marathon when a was 15, Dan was in the Army, Limbo is a former 4X National Champ and Matt runs on full vegan powers and we were all knacked! We made it to the top, drinking the snow from the mountain in a bottle because we ran out of water. We shot the scene at the top of Snowdon which was disgustingly windy and them filmed intermittently on the way down. We knew there were some nice switchbacks at the bottom so we rode a good mile downhill and then disaster struck, Limbo snapped the chainring....and all was lost. Not really, we just coasted down to the bottom and headed home, tired but happy. Then the editing began....
And here it is, The video that nearly killed us;

May 2nd 2014