Slackline Ti - now available to buy

Slackline Ti - now available to buy

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The Slackline Ti is now available to buy!

Material Lo-down!
Bomb proof by design. The tubing used to make the Slackline Ti is Aerospace grade 3AL 2.5V titanium. This alloy consists of titanium with a share of 3% aluminum, 2.5% vanadium. This particular alloy has been developed for high strength and hardness coupled with extremely low weight. It is widely used in aerospace as it's excellent properties give a good strength to weight ratio and it's high elastic modulus means it responds well to dynamic loading. This collection of properties makes Ti particularly suitable to mountain bike frames, coupled with our special alloy's ability to absorb minor accidents without cracking or damage as impact loads are dissipated into the surrounding material.

The Design Philosophy
We’ve been prototyping the Ti Slackline now for the last 2 yrs and this final sample is everything I’ve been trying achieve with this material.
Ti is by all accounts an extremely flexible material and often titanium frames can feel sluggish under load (pressure applied to the pedal). The other issue found on many Ti frames is ‘unpredictable flex’, if you’ve made the down tube walls too thin, when loading the frame under acceleration you can feel the Bottom Bracket waver and ‘snap’ back. This can be quite disconcerting when the rider is ½ way through a pedal stroke as it deludes your sense of balance.
What I wanted to achieve was ‘compliant flex’. As I stated above, Ti is inherently flexible, this is what obviously gives the material its ride quality, but the frame has to be designed in such a way as to tame its properties, not just stiffen it and remove its feel, but to make the frames reaction to load predictable for the rider.
To tell you how achieved this would be giving the game away but rest assured this is by quite a margin the best Ti frame I’ve ever ridden.

Frame features
The Ti frame is made from Aerospace Grade 3Al 2.5V, The frame weight is 3.8lbs for the 18” and has both a 44mm head tube and a 31.6mm seat post. It has bead blasted graphics and is then clear coated over to stop your shorts polishing off the graphics as you pedal. It has an engraved seat stay brace and chain stay brace; it also has engraved dropouts and a replaceable mech hanger and of course our lovely head badge.

The exceptional ability to manipulate the material means that we can be very creative with the tubing, creating localised ovalisation and variable wall thicknesses produces directional complient flex which is key in the Slackline Ti's design. This delivers maximum snap and acceleration while retaining excellent vibration dampening and ground tracking. The Slackline has been designed and developed to offer a direct and controlled ride. Couple this with a compact, nimble, slack and grounded geometry; you have a versatile “bomb proof frame”.

The Slackline is designed to fit a multitude of disciplines,

  1. Hardtail D.H/Freeride (160mm fork)
  2. Slopestyle/Dirt jump (100-120mm fork)
  3. 4X/Slalom (100-120mm fork)
  4. All mountain/single track, trail. (120mm-160mm fork)

The Slacklines geometry is designed to do it all, the use of different travel forks will move the riders position and centre of gravity to deliver class leading performance across a range of disciplines. Meaning whatever your discipline, whatever your style, the Slackline is designed to flow through it with you.