Dj -available now!

Dj -available now!

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When I was prototyping the DJ frame I wanted to make something that made me feel confident to hit things I know are beyond me, something that rode well and was easily correctable in the air. I like to muck about on the street with my BMX, manualing, hitting wall rides etc however I always wanted a DJ bike that would feel as manoeuvrable with 26" wheels as my BMX does on its little 20's.
as I'm aware I'm not just making it for me or just my level of ability I got a young DJ and street/Park genius, who's known as The One And Only Jesse Jones! He really helped me understand the needs of a higher level rider, not only in terms of geometry but also in terms of frame strengths and vulnerable areas through repeated obscure landing stresses, to how the bike bounces when bailed.

We decided to use double butted, aerospace grade 4130 chromemoly as the steel really dampens the 'buck' of a short landing and takes the sting out of landing to flat. Somthing Jesse said to add was external chain stay braces to stop the frame pulling apart at the bottom bracket. This was a major week point he'd found on quite a few frames he snapped.
With its 385mm tapered, butted and externaly braced Chainstays the frame feels super stiff through the bottom bracket and extreemly agile, the rear end feels right under you so it's super easy to manual and in turn correct in the air. The 'stack' is as small as I could get it, making the front end fall naturally into landings so you don't have to worry to much about pushing the front into the landing, also with the increased room from chest to bar it makes the front end easyer to correct, so you're less likely to nose a landing. This was a real positive for me the less experienced DJer, Jesse also loves it as he says "it aids getting real dipped 360's" and "tighter flips" Hells yeah Jesse!

With Jesse's imput we've been able to produce a class leading Dj frame which I think you'll agree, is finished to true Stanton Bikes quality.

If you're interested in a Dj complete build or in parts for your build, please contact me at to see what we can do for you.


* Double butted Aerospace grade 4130 cromoly
* External chainstay braces
* CNC'd Logo toptube brace
* CNC'd 'cut through' logo head tube
* Bullet ended seat and chain stays
* Small neat dropouts
* available in raw (clear coat paint) or Gloss Black
* Removable brake hose guides
*Mid BB


Head angle 69deg
BB hight 316.6mm
Top tube (actual) 571mm
Top tube (virtual) 590.3mm
Seat tube 330mm
Chain stays 385mm
Reach 414mm
Stack 534.8mm